Room requests are granted based on room availability and are scheduled in the order in which reservations are received. Requests should be sent 5 days prior to the event and booked in 30 minute increments. Masks are required in the School of Dentistry including inside of all rooms. Additionally, you will be required to complete ResponsiBLUE screening daily for all who enter the SOD building.

If you no longer need your room reservation, please email the Room Scheduler ( as soon as possible. If you do not cancel your reservation and the room is found to be unused, you will be notified and will be asked to surrender the remaining time if the room is needed by others.

Room Reservation Form

If the room you want to schedule is already reserved, you may contact the Room Scheduler to request the contact information of the current reservation holder. You may contact the reservation holder and negotiate the change in reservation. If the change is accepted, the current reservation holder must contact the Room Scheduler via e-mail, to permit the change. No reservations will be changed without proper consent from the contact person for the reservation.

Reservations are made one semester at a time and open as follows:

  • FALL SEMESTER opens in July
  • WINTER SEMESTER opens in October
  • SPRING/SUMMER SEMESTER opens in February


Phone: 734-764-1512

Process For Student Organizations

If you are a student organization requesting a room for a speaker or a Lunch and Learn, please submit a Speaker Application, Lunch and Learn Application Form first and do not proceed with reserving a room until your event has been approved by Dr. Renée E. Duff via the “Speaker Request Form”. Once your event has been approved, you may move forward with reserving space. For questions regarding the speaker request process, please visit Speaker Request Process Check List or email Katherine Shin at if questions remain.

Building/Room Availability

Room reservations should be scheduled during the School of Dentistry’s building hours: 7am – 6pm, Monday - Friday. Rooms are only available to groups outside the School of Dentistry during regular building hours.

Classroom reservations after 5pm need to have someone in the building/room prior to 6pm to guarantee access. Exterior doors lock at 6pm.

Classrooms (rooms with card readers) remain unlocked until 7pm. After 7pm, the rooms are only accessible to Dental students, faculty, and staff with access through their M-Cards. The door will unlock and then immediately re-lock when it closes. Make sure the door closes and locks behind you. Do not allow others into the building without swiping their card.

Conference rooms (G524, G536, 1397, 2397, 2310D and 7220) are not available after 5pm. Conference rooms are not available to anyone outside the School of Dentistry and are not available for lectures or courses unless there is no classroom available at that time. The Faculty Alumni Lounge (FAL; 7220) is not available to student groups without a School of Dentistry faculty or staff member present.

Reservations made for weekend events must have School of Dentistry personnel on site. The interior classroom/lecture hall doors will remain LOCKED on the weekend and after hours. Check with your department administrator if you require access to any classroom/lecture hall.

Room Rules

The individual/group sponsoring the event must make arrangements for any tables, chairs and trash receptacles needed for the event. Arrangements can be made in advance by contacting Facilities Manager, Mike Folk, at

Rooms need to be cleaned and arranged back into their original configuration at the end of your event. Failing to adhere to this policy may lead to loss of room use at the School of Dentistry. Failure to clean-up will result in charges for these services being billed to the sponsoring group's shortcode.

If spills occur on carpeted areas, it is your responsibility to notify Building Services at (734) 647-2059; 24 hours per day.

Do not remove tables and chairs from conference rooms/classrooms/lounges to use in other rooms.

The following items are prohibited in all rooms:

  • Alcohol
  • Candles
  • Decorations on walls and/or ceilings
  • Animals


The School of Dentistry Desktop Support will provide training and related support for classes and special events. Training is provided best when scheduled ahead of time for a class or an event. Training will be provided free of charge.

Equipment will be available to all users. To access the audio/video equipment or to request additional equipment, the requester is required to make the appropriate arrangements with Desktop Support (734) 763-3318.

The 1033 system runs through a touch panel display. Users are encouraged to test run the system before they hold class in the space. Please contact Desktop Support (3-3318) in advance of your event if you have questions about this equipment or would like a demonstration.

Please review the Audio-Visual documentation prior to using the room.


Click on the room number to see the room's calendar.

Kellogg Auditorium
Instructions 225 Lecture PC
G310   24 Lab None
G311 Instructions 26 Tables/Chairs PC
G322 Instructions 140 Lecture PC
Midway ACE Clinic*
Quick User Guide
Advanced User Guide
154 Lab PC
Simulation Lab*
  110 Lab PC
G378 Instructions 142 Lecture PC
G390 Instructions 135 Lecture PC
Courtyard Conference Room
  20-22 Conference PC
G524*   10 Conference PC
Moyers Conference Room
Instructions 15 Conference PC
G550 Instructions 94 Lecture PC
G580 Instructions 32 Tables/Chairs PC
1033 Instructions 36 Tables/Chairs PC
HR Conference Room
  8-10 Conference PC
Polverini Concourse
n/a 16-20 Tables/Chairs n/a
Polverini Concourse
n/a 16-20 Tables/Chairs n/a
Please Note: A faculty member must be present at any meeting or event scheduled in this room. When the room is not formally scheduled, it is available for drop-in use by faculty only.
Instructions 8 Conference PC
2310D*† Instructions 14 Conference PC
2307*   10-12 Conference PC
Research Commons 2
Instructions 12-16 Conference PC
Please Note: A faculty member must be present at any meeting or event scheduled in this room. When the room is not formally scheduled, it is available for drop-in use by faculty only.
  10-12 Conference PC
3307* Instructions 10 Conference PC
Dr. James and Mrs. Kathleen Roahen Conference Room
  10-12 Conference PC
Research Commons 2
Instructions 12-16 Conference PC
Faculty Alumni Lounge
Instructions 30 Conference/Reception PC
Sindecuse Atrium
  100+ Reception/Multi Use None
West Courtyard   100+ Reception/Multi Use None

For additional tables/chairs, contact Facilities Manager, Mike Folk, at

* These rooms available for School of Dentistry reservations ONLY.

† These rooms are keycard access only, as they are behind security doors.

‡ The Faculty Alumni Lounge (FAL) is not available to student groups without a faculty/staff member present.